Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Providing You the Best Possible Service

At DC Express, our first priority is making your delivery as quickly and securely as possible. But how do we ensure your satisfaction when you use our services? From everything you see as a customer to the behind-the-scenes work, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service.

professional nj courier serviceWhen you call, you will always talk to a real person, never an automated answering service. From there your order will be taken and a driver will be dispatched to pick up your delivery and bring it to its final destination. In most cases, our drivers make deliveries in areas that they are familiar with. If they are not familiar, our dispatchers will monitor the roads online and give the driver the fastest 
possible route – avoiding traffic if possible.

Your satisfaction is important to us at DC Express. Your delivery is just one call away! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Why it is Smart to Use a Courier Company

Suppose your business needs to send a package out today. It is important that the receiving party has the package in-hand in a timely manner. You need to make a smart decision that will save your business time and money. Sending the package in the mail is time consuming and can sometimes take days for the package to arrive. In some cases the package will sit a warehouse for some time waiting for someone to pick it up and deliver it to you.

The best option would be to use a professional courier company. A courier company will pick the package up and have it delivered to you within hours, not days. First time users are generally quite pleased with the speed in which the delivery is made. In many cases, courier companies will also allow you to schedule mail runs, which allows you to send and receive materials and products that are essential for your business on a day-to-day basis.

Courier companies will also provide you with a proof of delivery (POD), giving you the peace of mind that your delivery has been completed.