Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things to Know About the Document Legalization Process

Different embassies have different requirements and regulations. This can make getting your documents legalized for international use a very difficult and stressful process. Consulate departments within companies such as DC Express can assist you through this document legalization process relieving you of the hassle.
Document Legalization Process
First and foremost, the document legalization process needs to be completed in a specific order. Completing the steps out of order will bring on more work than necessary because it will invalidate the document entirely. Letting a professional who has already established relationships with state and federal government agencies take care of these steps will make your life much easier.
Documents that need to be legalized in order to be official in different countries include affidavits, deeds of assignment, and powers of attorney by way of apostilles, county certifications, state certifications, federal certifications, and consulate legalization or authentication.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Lawyers Should Use Courier Services

Attorneys rely on courier services to promptly deliver their last-minute deadline court filings.

In the law industry, there are many legal documents being sent back and forth between lawyers and clients. Since these documents are important, it is vital that they are transported in a professional and secure manner. Envelopes and packages get lost in the mail frequently, whether the issue is getting misplaced in the truck or are delivered to the wrong address. Regardless, using a courier company, your delivery makes it to where it needs to be on time, which is great for last minute deliveries. 

Courier companies are also certified to carry various types of legal documents. At DC Express, we deal with legal documents including passports and visas. We are even certified to legalize documents internationally.